Salvatore,Nico And Judy Apicella
Nico at the Abbey
Nico and Siena
First Place Winners at The Big E Alpaca Show
     Nico and Bella Sofia
Nico Doing YOGA

                                    About Us

Judy Apicella is completing her masters degree in Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport. She is a practicing herbalist and has been for 13 years. Judy created a unique line of herbal remedies that have given many relief from symptoms of Chronic Lyme, Eczema, virus, flu, pain and more. She did a study with over 60 people and six dogs for her Lyme Remedy and the results showed significant reduction or removal of pain, fatigue and help with cognitive function. She went through a rigorous process of getting all of her internal remedies lab tested and licensed. She is now working on the next level of the study which will be done through the University of Bridgeport. She is the author of WITCH JUDY available on Amazon.

Judy, Salvatore and Nico created a sanctuary for alpacas who needed a home and have cared for many. She uses herbal remedies for them and has created many of her herbals due to their needs.  She was given an alpaca (Solomon) that had mange (alpaca eczema) that was so severe he looked like his skin was peeling off and he had no fiber there. Judy spent a year trying to find the cure and eventually discovered the perfect mix of essential oils. Solomon was healed within 2 months. She then began using the spray on people who had eczema with exceptional results. Judy loves helping people and animals through herbs, diet, yoga and creating a healthy and happy mindset. 


Salvatore Apicella was born in Modena, Italy and grew up in a family of restauranteurs. From the day he could walk he was making homemade pastas from tortelloni to ravioli. The family worked together making beautiful home cooked Italian Specialties. Salvatore played soccer in his teen years at the  pro level in his home town "Modena". He then pursued a career as a decorator and interior designer, working on some of the finest homes in Italy. He also restored art work in many museums and churches. Salvatore came to the United States in December 1999 to work with his father who was now in New York running 4 restaurants. In 2005 he helped to open Tramonti restaurant with his dad and cousin Filippo. Salvatore designed and built this lovely trattoria in the middle of Hell's Kitchen. He helped create menus, wine lists and managed the restaurant until he moved to Connecticut with his wife Judy and his son Nico, who was 2 at the time. He designed and built Bella Alpacas B&B and Yoga Center, with its beautiful American Indian Style rooms and a yoga studio that is enchanting. Salvatore now shares his wonderful food with the students and faculty at Kent Center School where he cooks for them daily. 


Nico Apicella has a passion for screenwriting and acting. He wrote 4 screenplays and is working on more. He loves acting and has been performing since he was 8 years old when he stared in the Film Quinnetukut at the Institute for American Indian Studies in Washington Ct. He played Jerome in South Pacific, a Newsie in Fiorello, Little Jake in Annie Get Your Gun, and the young brother in The Actor by Horton Foote all with Clay and Waddles Theatre Company - a professional- adult, theatre company in residence at The Abbey of Regina Laudis. 

He also played Pyramus in A Midsummer Nights Dream and Paris in Romeo and Juliet. At the Brookfield playhouse he was Prince John in The Lion in Winter, and Jay in Lost in Yonkers. He will enter college next year for acting and writing. 

Nico completed his apprenticeship in Blacksmithing at the Abbey of Regina Laudis. He has two black belts in Tae Kwon Doe.